Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Christmas is

For me, Christmas is ...

a time when I reflect on the love of God for me.     

       It is a time to be thankful.

God gave me Jesus His Son, to save me from my sins.

       It is a time to be hopeful.
It reminds me that whatever happens in my life, there is a bright and good future ahead of me;

not only on earth but also in the life after my earthly life.

       It is a time to show love and affection.

Not only to my immediate family but also to those who hunger for love, affection and attention around me.

Not only through physical gifts but also through prayers and good wishes.

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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Seed on Good Soil

Did the seed fall on me, the rocky soil? Or, the good soil? Or, in between? 

Everyday, the intention is always to be the good soil, where the seed can grow. But sometimes, interactions with people or thoughts of past actions  and interactions cloud the present. The seed can hardly grow. It seems  difficult to see or hear God's word in one's life. 

The future is but another day with a chance to control thoughts, words and deeds. Consciousness of daily thoughts, words and actions need to be the order of the day. 

Coupled with loving intentions for others, the seed can fall on good soil. If not all the time, hopefully, most of the time.

The seed falling on good soil can be a daily possibility.

God Alone Suffices

"Nothing can trouble,
Nothing can frighten;
Those who seek God,
Shall never go wanting;
God alone fills us.'
- Chant from Taize by Jacques Berthier

Words from St. Teresa of Avila.
(c)1982 Ateliers et Presses de Taize

When I lived at an ecumenical community in the little town of Taize in France, one of my favourite chants was "Nada Te Turbe," which is basically the Spanish translation of the chant above.

But, during my recent trip overseas, I reflected that there are still

situations that scare me. And some things in this world still trouble
me. I am a long way from imitating St Teresa of Avila. Let alone, 
imitating Jesus.

As I am blessed with another year, I will continue to strive to live 

a life of abundance, wherein I would not want anything more because God will provide me with all my needs. And having God alone in my life would be enough.

This is a tall order for us considering that we may feel responsible 

for a few people. However, with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, it is not impossible to reach this phase in our spiritual lives. Yes, I 
believe that God alone can fill us. God alone is enough.


Thursday, January 10, 2013

In Gratitude: Of Friends, Relatives and God’s Presence

After spending three weeks reconnecting with relatives and friends,
I feel so refreshed, renewed, loved, important, happy and accepted;
The encounters strengthened my self-esteem and self confidence.
It motivated me to value myself more and be more grateful
for all that I am,
all that I have,
and all that I do.

I feel more vibrant, more hopeful and more energetic.
I am more motivated to be the best of whoever I am.

I feel healthier, even though I had increased blood pressure.
I feel happier, even though I missed my family so much.
I feel wealthier, even though I spent more than was budgeted.

Relationships rekindled were like opium of the soul.
I still feel like I am on cloud nine.
I feel great!
I feel accepted.
I feel I am right.

Joyfulness and fulfillment fill my days.
I believe God was there.
The Lord was present wherever I was.

He was there when fear gripped me.
He was there when I enjoyed the pleasant trips.
He was there when I was sad because I felt I lacked faith.
He was there when I missed my family.
He was there when I was asked to pray;
God was there.
I felt so close to God where ever I went.

I felt God’s love when I experienced love and respect from my relatives.
I felt God’s presence when I saw the beauty of nature all around me.
I felt God’s love enveloping me as I took on my fear of flying.
I felt God’s joy when I met relatives I have not seen for a long time.
I felt God’s peace when I was talking to friends I have not been in contact with for decades.
I experienced God’s acceptance when friends invited me to spend time with them.
Yes, God’s love followed me everywhere.

And I thank God,
For never leaving me,
Even when I was traveling alone.
God always made me feel His presence.

I am truly grateful!


I was inspired to jot down these friendship quotes while reminiscing:

“A quality friendship demands quality focus.”

“Rekindled friendships often last much longer.”

“Long distance friendship is not impossible
if you keep on refueling it with constant contact.” 

“Reconnecting with old friends regularly,
can always make you happy.”

“Old friendships are part of your wonderful past;
If they remain in your mind and heart,
They’ll satisfy your present,
And fill your future with joy.”

“No matter how fulfilling old friendships are,
You should never stop creating new ones.”


All the best!


Thursday, September 27, 2012

A Decision

Sitting on the city train this morning with our two boys next to me, I realised how blessed I am and suddenly felt this blanket of joy, peace and fulfilment envelope me.

I felt affirmed of the decision my husband and I made fourteen years ago. But it was not easy for me.   After trying to conceive for seven years, we finally decided it was time to take another step in our journey … to go through the adoption process. After two years, I really wanted to pull our application out.  My husband convinced me otherwise.   It was a long drawn process that took a total of about nine years for both of them to join our family.

Being a parent is not an easy task.  Making decisions for the family is not easy.  Even making a decision as to which school they should go to takes a lot of thinking, consulting, praying and discerning.

Although parenting is not an easy responsibility, I still believe my life is more meaningful, complete and satisfying, albeit tiring.  I am grateful to the Lord for guiding us to choose this path of becoming a family.



Friday, September 7, 2012

Life Journey Towards a Happy Death

Recently, due to family priorities, I changed my work schedule and this somehow affected the completion of my usual tasks in the office.  However, this change has also inspired me to reflect on life in general.  My thoughts were on being more prepared for the future.

No matter what our age is, we are constantly searching for something.  Some search for new homes and suburbs, new locations for holidays, cheaper airfares, tours and accommodations and better places to buy clothes and food.  Some are still searching for extra income, whether through employment, investments or new business.

Many people are also still searching how to live a life on purpose and how to make the most out of our remaining time here on earth.

Every day, we are on a journey towards somewhere because life is simply that … a journey. And we all hope that this journey will be pleasant and will bring us to that happy place we desire. But, are we ready to reach our destination?

Saint John Bosco encouraged the young boys in his school to prepare for a happy death. The preparation included:  to be faithful to Jesus and to his church, to return books borrowed and be at peace with everyone. We can also add:  prepare a will, buy a funeral service, pay all our debts, wear the best clothes in our closet, use our best China wares, visit or live in our ideal city, and forgive the people who have hurt us.

So, are we ready to face a happy death?  Well, this is a difficult question to answer but at least we are reminded of what we need to prepare for.

Take care and have a good, purposeful and pleasant journey ahead!



Inheritance, Love and Forgiveness

At one of our Faith Sharing Group discussions, the topic was about people’s experiences during inheritance distribution in their families. Most of the time, tension and discord are created among family members.  Even the most respected families can be divided simply by an inheritance decision. Some families can be considered blessed when they do not have huge assets to inherit and distribute because harmony in their families usually remain intact.


My family was also affected by this inheritance situation a few decades ago as my grandparents on my father’s side had a huge sugar cane plantation with a sugar processing plant on a few thousands of hectares of land. There were nine children in their family. They all completed university degrees and built rewarding careers.  One of the four brothers became a district judge. Later, they discovered that he sold the land piece by piece by asking their aging and almost-totally-blind father to sign documents allowing him to sell the land parcels.   

By the time the other brothers and sisters knew about it, there were only about nine hectares left!  Instead of being consumed with anger and hate for the rest of his life, my Dad turned to his faith and made it known to us that whatever his brother did, he still loved him and had forgiven him.  He took consolation by the fact that we could not take the money with us to the grave.  As the scripture says: “From dust you came, to dust you shall return.”  (Genesis 3:19)   

Are you being affected by an inheritance issue in your family at the moment?

In communion,